We're seeing a huge increase in out-of-state buyers relocating to metro-Atlanta.  That's understandable since home prices here have remained very affordable, especially compared to most other parts of the country (Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc.).

Many of these homebuyers are not yet familiar with the specifics of our local real estate market.  They don't know which school districts are solid and which should be avoided.  They don't know which parts of town are on the rise, and which are headed downhill.  And, since many buyers aren't exactly sure where they'll be working, they have no way of knowing which areas won't leave them facing a killer commute every day.

We understand that all this uncertainty makes it difficult for relocating buyers to commit to buying a house.  We also know that you don't want to waste your money on just another rental home.

So, what if you could move into a great home now, and then when you are ready to purchase, you could either buy the home you were in OR choose from any of the homes Your Capital Corporation had available at the time?   What if you could spend the next year or so getting settled in?   What if you could pick a new home now without getting locked into that particular home forever?

Here's how: Using our new Flexi-Buy™ Program!

With Flexi-Buy you can relocate into a great home and take up to two years to get ready to purchase.  You could use that time to sell your old home, or maybe get your credit score polished up.  Then, when you are ready to purchase, you can use your original down payment to buy ANY home we have available at the time.

Because you've been to our website (www.YourCapitalCorp.com), you know that we get great homes every month located all across metro-Atlanta.

Best of all, for THIS MONTH our Flexi-Buy Program is available FREE for all our out-of-state buyers!  Just be sure to request Flexi-Buy when you submit your Approval Form.