Your Capital Corporation sells properties to people who are looking for a quality home in a good neighborhood at a reasonable price. We sell beautiful homes to people who:

  • Have had bankruptcies or foreclosures
  • Have credit issues
  • Need help getting mortgages
  • Have trouble documenting their income
  • Can easily get mortgages
  • Can buy with all cash
  • Who need to purchase a home with no-interest financing

For buyers, we have several programs that will fit your needs. We sell houses with our popular "Rent-To-Own Program" as well as No Bank Qualifying financing, No-Interest financing, and many other programs. With our flexible financing options, you don't need great credit to buy one of our homes. We can customize a buyer's program just for you in order to help you to become the proud owner of one of our beautiful homes. Often, we can get you into your home in 9 days or less.



Your Capital Corporation may be able to sell you a new home even if you have:
     •  Credit Issues
     •  Been Foreclosed
     •  Had a Bankruptcy
Of course, we'll also accept a check from a bank or a big box of cash.

Call us Today! We can help you achieve your dream of owning your own home!

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If you might be interested in one of our properties, check out our Properties for Sale Page.

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