Sell Your House NOW!

What if you could... 
  • SELL your house, not just list it
  • Pay no commissions and no fees-nothing, nada, zip!
  • Close in just 9 days…or whenever you want
  • Get a fair and reasonable price
  • SELL your house and pay NO closing costs
  • Get almost immediate relief of the burden of your high mortgage payment
  • Actually begin repairing your credit while selling your house
  • Stop foreclosure - even if in progress
  • Reduce your tax payment resulting from the sale of your house
  • Avoid having strangers tromp through your home... look in your closets
  • Not have to fix up (or even clean) your house
  • Keep it simple
You can.

    Works for You!

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If your want to SELL your home

Call Your Capital Corporation

If you want to LIST your house and hope it sells...sometime...whenever

Your Capital Corporation Works For You When You Need It -

Because we normally use private funds to purchase houses, we can actually buy your house in as little as 9 days. We can close so quickly because we bypass all of the hassles, paperwork and delay in getting bank financing. Read on, or call us at 770-978-4083 now to find out how we can solve your problem.

How Does Your Capital Corporation Work For You?

Our process is simple. First, we talk to you over the phone to find out what your needs are and what you expect out of selling your house. We also ask about your house, its size, condition, etc. In addition to the physical condition of your house, we ask about the financial condition of your house, e.g., mortgages, liens, and of course taxes. If it looks like we can meet your needs and expectations and the numbers look good to us, we'll come out to see your house. If your house qualifies, we'll make you one or more offers. There's no obligation on your part to accept any of our offers. And did we mention - we don't charge any fees or commissions for buying your house?

0% Commissions
100% Common Sense
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 Your Capital Corporation Can Help You Get On With Your Life!

Why list your house and hope it sells -sometime - whenever? Why have waves of strangers go through your house, through your closets? Why move out of your house before you're ready because your buyer needs to move in right away? If you're moving to a new house that's not ready yet, you might have to pack up and move to a temporary residence then pack up and move again. We can buy your house NOW, eliminating the uncertainty and doubt you have when listing your house. And because we're not going to live in your house, we can work with you to help you move out when you're ready - on your schedule. Let Your Capital work for you to provide the speed, convenience and certainty you need to sell your house and get on with your life.
You Can:
 • Sell Your House
 • Stop Foreclosure
 • And Even Repair Your Credit
I'm Ready to Get On With My Life NOW èè